A difficult day

Today just has not been good, from beginning to end. I fell asleep during the Sox game last night (too many West Coast games!) to wake up this morning and find out they were shut out. Nothing aggravates me more than a shut out, especially when Schill is pitching, since pitchers can’t win games alone.
Then my brother left for Ithaca College, in Ithaca, New York. I’m very proud of him and all, but Ithaca is a tad bit far away. My brother and I have never been separated for longer than a couple weeks, and even those couple of weeks were rare occasions, so this is a big change.

Afterwards, I had to do some of my summer history homework. That’s right – summer homework. There is something wrong with this idea. I still have a book left for summer reading, a math packet, and three more history assignments. I am taking AP US this year, so I guess I should expect a lot of work.

Shortly after I finished, I got knocked out with a migraine. Anyone who has ever had a migraine before knows it is No Fun, especially when no one else is home and you have to get your own excedrine and ice pack when you can’t really see straight.

Thankfully, I woke up in time to watch the Internation Championship game of the little league World Series, which was a fantastic match up. Japan won, 3-0, even though Mexico put up a decent rally (bases loaded, no outs) in the bottom of the sixth. I love the little league World Series, so I’ll probably be up by noon to watch both the consolation game and the championship.

Now my hopes are pinned on the Red Sox to add a happy ending to my difficult day. Will the offense heat up? Will Wells continue to pitch well after his performance in Boston? How will Manny respond to being back in the lineup? Is Kevin Youkilis feeling well enough to sub in perhaps the ninth? All these questions will hopefully be answered by 1 AM. Until then . . . I’ll be here.



  1. kayleexxx@aol.com

    Nice post.At least you havent gotten woken up at 330 am by your cousn all week.I am abut ready to hurt my cousin.Lets win


  2. kayleexxx@aol.com

    I hate my spanish class…There is no real teacher yet.so we have had subs that know nothing about spanish.so i has been a very diffucult class.

  3. peter1210@sbcglobal.net

    Arielle, MY brother went to IC. Your bro is sure to get a great education and have fun. A rare combo. And snow? Plenty of it. I love the snow. But it’s such a nice town. Wait ’till you have a chance to visit. Glad you’re feeling better, although Mike Timlin sure is making it tough for our team.

  4. jgkvedar@hotmail.com

    Wow that sounds like a bad day. Wish the Sox could have won for you, but at least the Patriots did (if you’re a fan… they won 41-0!). Sorry about your brother. Mine leaves for college next year and it will be so weird without him. And I have a ton of summer work left too. I still have to finish reading The Jungle (it’s like 400 pages of teeny tiny print), plus read all of To Kill a Mockingbird, plus do a project on it, plus do a French project. And I already had to read 2 books and read loooooong boring chapters for chem and algebra 2, and do packets to go along with them. And I only have three days left because I start Wednesday.
    At least today’s game is at 4. I couldn’t stay up later than 12 for a single game this week. I was too exhausted from volleyball double sessions.



  5. peter1210@sbcglobal.net

    Julie, you’ll LOVE TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. And if you haven’t seen the movie, go to blockbuster. But the reading is the most important part. The movie will make the tragedy, and the people, seem so much more…..well…touchable. An amazing experience in film. Thanks A!

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