Get Well Soon, Jon

The Sox have gotten plenty of bad news (and have made their fair share of bad news) since Varitek hurt his knee, but nothing, not even Ortiz’s heart, was close to this.
Because of enlarged lymph nodes, Jon Lester is currently being tested for cancer.

Enlarged lymph nodes can mean a number of things, but unfortunately not many of them are minor issues. They may be the result of a bad virus, anthrax poisoning, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma, mestasis (cancer away from a tumor) or TB.

Lester most likely does not have TB or anthrax poisoning, so right now, his options do not look good. There are probably more conditions that can cause enlarged lymph nodes, but any cancer scare is enough to shake someone up.

Lester is young. He is at the brink of a major league career, his dream life laid out in front of him. People cannot help but think “How is this happening to him? He is young and healthy? Jon Lester can’t have cancer!” Unfortunately, many healthy, young people find out they have cancer.

One would like to imagine that cancer is much easier to cure today than it has been before. The patient goes through chemo, radiation, and maybe some surgery, then goes into remission. This is yet another cancer myth.

Some people, for some reason or another do not respond to treatment. Perhaps their body just is not strong enough, or the cancer is too aggresive. We all know of people who have had cancer. Many know people who have been killed by this awful disease. Many know survivors.

All we can do right now is pray that Lester is okay, that this is just a virus.

Today is a perfect day to donate to the Jimmy Fund, Dana Farber, or any other cancer treatment center.




    I just heard the news about Lester: lymphoma. 😦 I feel terrible for him, and i can’t believe that such a young guy has cancer (as you said). Luckily he’ll get the best treatment possible and will hopefully get better ASAP.
    I guess the good news is that the press release says it’s treatable.

    Get better soon, Jon

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