List of Injuries

Because this is starting to get a little spooky:
1. Tim Wakefield – stress fracture in rib, July 20th

2. Trot Nixon – strained bicep, July 30th

3. Jason Varitek – torn meniscus, July 31st

4. Mike Lowell – bruised foot, August 3rd

5. Doug Mirabelli – twisted ankle, August 4th

6. Mark Loretta – bruised elbow, August 8th

7. Trot Nixon – staph infection in elbow, August 15th

8. Alex Gonzalez – sore knee, August 16th

9. Jonathan Papelbon – bruised heel, August 20th

10. Alex Gonzalez – strained oblique, August 21st

11. Manny Ramirez – patella tendonitis, August 23rd

12. Mark Loretta – sore quad, August 24th

13. Josh Beckett – cut finger, August 25th

14. Kevin Youkilis – stomach bug, August 25th

15. Wily Mo Pena – sore wrist, August 26th

16. Doug Mirabelli – sore ankle, August 27th

17. Jon Lester – lymphoma, August 27th (not diagnosed until September 1st)

18. David Ortiz – irregular heartbeat, August 28th

19. Keith Foulke – sore back, August 28th

20. Coco Crisp – sore shoulder, August 30th

21. Jonathan Papelbon – shoulder strain, September 1st

22. Curt Schilling – strained lat muscle, September 1st


– In a matter of a month and a half, the Red Sox have suffered 22 injuries

– The worst stretch was from August 20th to August 30th during which 11 players were injured

– Trot Nixon, Doug Mirabelli, Alex Gonzalez, Jonathan Papelbon, and Mark Loretta have all been injured more than once during this stretch

– From this list, only Nixon, Varitek, Gonzalez, Lester and Wakefield made trips to the DL

– The most serious injury/sickness is Jon Lester’s cancer, the least serious is Beckett’s cut finger




    A sad list, a bad list, but an accurate list. What can we do? We go on..and hey, my blog just hit#1…I cannot believe it. Happy holiday…I’m watching Andre play right now at the US Open…fun stuff. Bye.


    Imagine if we had been given this list at the beginning of the season. We would have hung ourselves.
    Not really. I’m not suicidal.

    But you’re right about it getting spooky. I’m starting to think there’s some higher power involved because there is no possible way for so many players to get hurt in such a short period just from the long grinding season.

    At least we get Tek, Trot, Gonzo and Papi back today! Which is great news!



    julie I would hope not.Anyways we dont need anymore injuries.i am in pain i took myself off that vicodin the doctor gave me.i felt drunk after taking it yesterday.that stuf is strong.


    Who would have thought in April, when we had a plethera of pitchers and extra outfielders, that we’d be in this position now?? I know that all the injuries happened very quickly and close together, but didn’t realize how close. The injuries have just caused the team to implode!!, just as if the team was a building set for demolition, all the explosives were strategically placed, set off and everything just crumbled! BUT I STILL LOVE MY SOX!!

    Kaylee, hows your wrist?? Hope it’s feeling better.

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