A little NFL

I know this blog is for baseball, but my Patriots are in the playoffs (AFC championship game for that matter) and the Red Sox are, well, still talking to J.D. Drew, just like they were in November and December. So, I’m giving a brief intermission from baseball talk to shift gears a little bit.

I watched all four football games last weekend, and all of them were fantastic. I’m in a small bit of a predicament, however, because I’m rooting for the Saints from the NFC and the Patriots for the AFC. If both win this week, they play each other February 4th in Miami.

Do I honestly think the Saints can beat the Bears? Yes. The Saints came out of nowhere this season, surprising the country with how well they played. No NFC team played better than the Saints besides the Bears, though the Bears have had their recent share of troubles (Rex Grossman). Reggie Bush has been fantastic, and Deuce McAlister also gives opposing teams a run for their money. Drew Brees is not too shabby either. I think the Saints v. Bears game will be close, but I truly believe that the Saints will prevail.

As for the Patriots, what can I say? They did not deserve to win that game Sunday, but playoff experience doomed the Chargers. When it came down to the last five minutes of the game, the Patriots knew exactly what to do and the Chargers were, well, pathetic.

As for LT’s comments after the game, yes the Patriots did celebrate and yeah, Ellis Hobbs did showboat a little bit, but there was no reason why LT should have ever blamed any of that on Bill Belichick. The Patriot’s head coach has a reputation around the NFL for being tough as nails on players who step out of line, so it is clear that Belichick would never ask any Patriot to brag.

Whether or not the Patriots can win on Sunday is a whole different matter. In my opinion, if the Patriots could beat the Chargers the way they played on Sunday, then the Patriots can beat anyone. However, the Colts defense has really stepped up the past two weeks, and they also now have Adam Vinatieri whom we know has plenty of playoff experience. I expect the Patriots to win, but I don’t want to bank on it because the Colts are a dangerous team right now. The whole season comes down to this game.

This is my second update in a week, which is pretty good for how I’ve been writing lately. I have mid-year exams next week and tomorrow, so I will be busy studying this weekend and next week. The AFC championship game will be a nice study break.


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  1. Mark

    My mid-terms are next week as well. Both games should provide an entertaining study break Sunday evening.

    I finally got a blog! Check it out when you get a chance. Mark linked to your blog when disagreeing with a Newsweek article saying young people don’t journal their thoughts anymore.



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