Three’s company

I’m starting to run out of clever things to say about three Boston teams winning in one night (for the third time in recent history, might I add).

Boston, Carolina and California all personally saw Boston victories last night. The C’s took the magic into their own hands at the Garden in Boston, winning in the last four minutes to take a 92-88 victory out of Orlando’s grasp. The Bruins took Raleigh by storm, winning handily 4-2. Finally, the Sox rallied in Anaheim to win 4-3.

It goes without saying that it still rocks to live in Boston right now. Sportscenter could have 30 minutes worth of fresh material just by showing what is going on right here.
The time schedule last night worked out perfectly. I turned on the Bruins game right after dinner, watched them sure-handedly force game 7, switched to the Celtics during commercials and then exclusively watched TNT once the Bruins won, witnessing their come-from-behind antics back in action, and finally switched to NESN to see the Red Sox crush the Angels’ bullpen. From 7 PM until 1:30 AM, I watched three different Boston sports teams win three different games in a span of 6 1/2 hours. My TV needed a bit of a break afterwards.

I don’t know what I’ll do if either the Bruins or Celtics lose their series (or both! what a horror show that would be!). Tonight is boring because there’s only one sport on. I resorted to watching the Penguins/Capitals game which wasn’t even that interesting. The Penguins took the Capitals confidence and then whipped their butts.

I can’t wait until tomorrow. The time schedule is a little bit more complicated, as the Red Sox will start the action at 3:30 in Anaheim, the Celtics play at 7 on ESPN and then the Bruins start at 8 on NESN. This means that I’ll probably have to either miss part of the Bruins game to watch the end of the Celtics game (unlikely) or only watch the beginning of the Celtics game, which means I won’t see any of the real action. Additionally, my mother wants me to attend my oldest brother’s graduation ceremony. He got his masters in December and they finally are holding a ceremony tomorrow. A masters degree, though? I don’t think it’s good enough to take the Red Sox’s place.

This is quite a predicament, but it’s one I’m really glad to be in.

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