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Boston Sports Update

I’ve been trying to find the Red Sox games on TV recently and they do not appear in the schedule. I realize that postseason baseball is still going on, so I will investigate this matter further, but I figured in the meantime, I’d update everybody who does not read boston.com every 5 minutes on the latest happenings.

Patriots wallop Titans before jetting off to London
It snowed all day on Sunday in Boston. Today it is 70 degrees. I feel the Titans, who had the unfortunate task of playing football at Gillette on Sunday, would have much preferred to play the Patriots today.

The Patriots absolutely obliterated the Titans. By half time, Tom Brady had five touchdown passes and the Pats were leading 45-0. Two of those five touchdowns came in the 13th minute of the quarter. If the Titans did not come out after the half, the Patriots would not have noticed the difference. The Pats ended up winning 59-0.
This week, the Patriots play Tampa Bay in foreign territory. Really foreign territory. American football arrives in London tonight, as the Patriots will leave for England this afternoon. I really do not think this trip will create too much more of a British following, as they are pretty happy with their form of football, but it does make for a fun trip for both the Pats and the Bucs.

I would not expect another 59-0 game. It was fun to watch, but the Titans were a struggling team who happened to run into the Pats when they were clicking for the first time this season. Granted, Tampa Bay is also winless on the season, but maybe jet lag will prevent the Patriots from being so explosive.

Savvy, Looch on IR and Kobasew traded
The Bruins have been really struggling this season with consistency. They have yet to have a losing streak on the season, but they have also yet to have a winning streak. They win big one night and lose big the next night.

This week, the Bruins seriously shook up their roster. Two of their top players, first-line center Marc Savard and enforcer Milan Lucic, are out for at least a month with a broken foot andb1a__1256216011_4815.jpg finger, respectively. On Sunday, the Bs traded Chuck Kobasew for the rights to a college player, a perennial AHLer, and a second round 2011 draft pick. On Tuesday, the Bs turned around and acquired Daniel Paille who will presumably take Kobasew’s place.

Last night, the Bs improved to a .500 record when they beat the Nashville Predators 3-2. I was at the game to cheer on BU’s Colin Wilson who left for the NHL after two years of collegehockey. Colin scored his first (albeit messy/weak) career goal last night. It was great to see him in person succeeding at the NHL level, and it was also great for him to be able to score in front of many of his teammates from the past two years the day after his 20th birthday. My friend and I stood to applaud Colin’s goal even though he was supposed to be the enemy last night. All was absolved, however, when the Bruins managed to pull off the W.

BU Hockey forgets that they actually need to play a full game of hockey to win a game
BU hockey occupies most of my time during baseball’s offseason. The team won the national championship last year. They were loaded with talent, such as the aforementioned Colin Wilson, New York Rangers’ defenseman Matt Gilroy, Jason Lawrence, Columbus’s Chris Higgins, San Jose’s John McCarthy and Pittsburgh’s Brian Strait (just to mention a few). BU could turn on the jets last year and dominate games. They scored 3 goals in 44 seconds against BC to advance to the Hockey East final. They came back from a 3-1 deficit with 59.5 seconds remaining in the national title game to win the game 4-3.

This year, the only team BU has beaten was a group of 17-year-olds. For players, I’m sure it’s annoying when fans scream “why aren’t you doing this?” or “why does your powerplay suck?” Fans are not on the ice or the field. Fans are not able to pull off any of the plays that these elite athletes can. I try to consider this when criticizing teams and players for their play.

BU, however, has just been lazy this season. I’ve been very critical of them because they are ABLE to play better. They may not have the same talent as they did last year, but they do haveDSCN3538.JPG enough to win a game if they play the full 60 minutes. This has yet to happen this season. BU is 0-2. In their two preseason games and their two regular season games, BU has outshot their opponents 170-76. They’ve been outscored 10-7. On Tuesday, BU took 31 shots and not one of them found its way into the goal. The freshman are playing extremely well. The only two goals BU has on the season were scored by a freshman. It is the veterans, the captains even, who are making lazy mistakes that lead to turn-overs and then goals for the other team. One of BU’s assistant captains even scored a goal on himself. He’s a senior.

I realize that this is not the same team as last year’s team. I know that they have no chance to be as good as last year’s team – last year was a truly special group of players, the likes of which have never been seen at Boston University before. This year’s team, however, is definitely better than they are playing. On Tuesday night, the OPPOSING team’s coach called BU out for their lack of effort. That’s bad. There is no excuse for that.

BU’s next game is on Saturday night against Michigan, and they better come out ready to play a full 60 minutes of hockey. 

Bruins and Patriots pictures from boston.com. BU picture my own.