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The MLB draft is going on.
It started yesterday.
Stephen Strasburg went first.
I heard of him two days ago.
My caring level is this high.

A. Drafts are boring.
B. Drafts don’t actually tell you who will play from whom, rather, it’s more of who MAY play if everything works out.
C. They take forever.
D. I don’t even know any of the players in 3 out of the 4 major sports drafts.
Drafts are nice for the players involved. It’s a moment where they complete one more hurdle towards realizing their dreams. They still have a lot of work to do, as being drafted is completely different than actually playing a major league sport, but it is a pretty big step to check of the list.

So that’s all well and good, but why would I watch this? I don’t care who the Red Sox pick. I’ve never heard of the guys, and if they make it to the top without being traded or injured first within the next two years while I still remember who they are, that’ll be nearly a miracle. We do have a couple of guys starting who made it through the minors quickly (re: Jacoby Ellsbury, Jon Lester), but I don’t remember when they were drafted. I wasn’t watching.

While drafts are great for families, it means nothing for fans like me. It’s more of just a reminder – oh, this is a kid who will play single-A ball for us next year. I’ll be sure to watch all of Greenville’s games. I mean, what am I supposed to say, “Congrats, can’t wait to see you possibly play for a major league team in 5 years?”

And so what if teams trade their picks for something stupid? The Red Sox are one of the rare elite teams who actually get talent from their minor league system. After the Jeter generation, teams like the Yankees, Angels, Dodgers etc. get the majority of their All-Star players from trades and free-agency on the major league level.

I love baseball, I really do, but I’d rather watch a real game than see Bud Selig announce names like it’s a graduation.  

These aren’t just my feelings towards the MLB draft. No, I think all drafts are pretty boring and ridiculous. During the NFL draft in April, I remember some of my guy friends flipping out. “This guy wasn’t picked by that team,” and “this team traded their pick for something stupid,” and “that guy went way late”. Whatever. Will the Patriots’ defense still stink this year? Yes.

Even the NHL draft lacks any interest for me. College hockey is the only college sport I follow avidly, and so while I am hoping that someone picks up our outstanding goaltender, Kieran Millan, I also know that the captain of our championship team and three-time All-American Matt Gilroy was never drafted (only starting defenseman on the team not to be drafted). He signed a 2 year, $3.5 million deal with the New York Rangers in April. He’s better off than top-notch players like Colin Wilson and Brian Strait who were drafted and are now stuck in entry-level contracts.

Don’t even get me started on the NBA. I hate the NBA. I also hate their draft.

So I will not be watching any of the rest of the MLB draft. I won’t tune in to the NHL draft later this month. I have no idea when the NBA draft is, and if I missed it, no loss there. Instead, I’m going to watch the Red Sox squash the Yankees again tonight, Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals on Friday night, and most likely some more of this ridiculous Kobe vs. Orlando saga on ABC.