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Opening Day

Ah Opening Day. It’s one of the best days of not just the baseball year, but the year in general. It’s the day that baseball starts again, and it’s the day when anything is still possible.
I’m lucky enough to go to college in Fenway’s backyard, and I was even more lucky this year to actually score tickets to Opening Night for $47. Yes, that’s right. $47. I even had seats for that price, and pretty good seats, too, right in the middle of the infield grandstand on the first base side of the field.

I had a great time even though I couldn’t eat anything since it’s still Passover. The Red Sox, of course, rallied to win the game, making my night pretty sweet. Here’s some of my assorted thoughts from the festivities.

  • The improvements to Fenway this season are all very nice. The walkways in the grandstand seemed bigger and more even to me, which made getting to my seat nicer. I didn’t use the bathrooms, but my friend did, and he said they’re pretty cool. Behind home plate, the Red Sox built a new bathroom area away from the concession stands that is easier to get to. Apparently, the mens’ bathrooms have waterless urinals, and my friend said they were very nice. Behind home plate, the Red Sox revamped the concession stand at the top of the grandstand, and it’s now a lot less congested and completely open so it doesn’t get stuffy in there. I was able to get my $3.75 water much faster than usual.
  • The 5-year-old Herb Brooks impressionist is my favorite small child ever. His performance absolutely blew my mind, and when he said “Screw em,” Fenway Park went nuts. Perhaps we should thank him for the Red Sox rally.
  • I was once again reminded of how good Red Sox fans can be when Mike Lowell received the longest and loudest of the night. I know it’s tough for Lowell to be here, but I hope the fan appreciation makes it a little more bearable for him.DSCN4704.JPG
  • Johnny Pesky tipped his cap to the Yankees when he was announced before the game, and the Yankees all tipped their caps back at him. It was a nice moment reflective of the history and respect in the game.
  • Josh Beckett must have been overeager to ink his new 4 year deal after his outing last night. He could not get his curveball working at all. Let’s hope these early season jitters disappear soon.
  • If I were a Yankees fan, I would be very concerned by the pitching staff. C.C. was good until he reached 90 pitches, and I wasn’t sure why Girardi took so long to pull him. That alone cost the Yankees a few runs. Then, when the Yankee bullpen came in, I got my answer. The relief pitching was horrific last night. There is nobody in that bullpen who intimidates me, Rivera included. The Yankees’ starting rotation isn’t so deep either.
  • I was pleasantly surprised by how well Schoenweis pitched last night. When Tito brought him in, I thought he was waving the white flag. Let’s hope this continues.
  • There’s no way Marco Scutaro is 5’10.
  • The Red Sox lineup validated my theory that they will score more runs than people expect. While they don’t really have a big homerun bat (Ortiz is really slowing down), they have a lineup that can get singles and doubles and steal bases. Singles score runs too.
  • I don’t understand why Steven Tyler chose to get so drunk before singing God Bless America. He was embarassing, staggering, and slurring. That was more of an awkward moment than a nice moment.DSCN4749.JPG
  • Does Neil Diamond know how to sing anymore? He did a nice job saying Sweet Caroline, but his performance left me wanting the taped version instead.
  • It sure was nice to go to an early baseball game in April and only have to put a sweatshirt on in the fourth inning.
  • I can’t wait to see more from this team.