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Top 10 Things I Love About Spring Training

Although I haven’t been here every day, blogging about how my Red Sox are doing in Ft. Myers, I have been paying attention to everything going on south of the Snow Border and have compiled a list of the 10 things I love about Spring Training. Here goes.


10. Seeing guys coming in a few pounds lighter (or a few pounds heavier in Jon Lester’s case)
9. Having at least three new articles about the Red Sox to read every day
8. Watching A-Roid whine and cry about 
his cousin and his needles
7. Not being heartbroken and hopeless quite yet – this happens after the Red Sox’s first loss of the season in April when you realize that this may not be The Year
6. Watching the BC baseball team get killed by the Sox at the end of February. This hasn’t happened quite yet, but it will and it proves once more that BC stinks. 
5. Seeing Jacoby’s beautiful face
4. Looking at Tito and not seeing a sick, pallid face with dark circles under his eyes but rather tanned cheeks and a comfortable smile
3. You get that warm, happy, light feeling inside that always accompanies the sight of a baseball field
2. Reading the Boston Globe, you would never know that there are two major league teams in the middle of their seasons right now. The Celtics and Bruins have disappeared under the slew of Red Sox headlines. 
1. It’s almost Opening Day.
P.S. My Terriers have a huge weekend coming up. At 7 PM tomorrow night, they face off against #4 Northeastern at home in the first of the weekend’s battles for first place in Hockey East (the Terriers have been sitting in 1st place nationally for about 3 weeks). At 1 PM on Saturday, Terrier basketball takes on Iona in a bracketbuster. Then, at 8 PM that night, the Terriers (hockey again) travel to Matthew’s Arena to finish off the weekend series of Northeastern. If the Terriers can win one and tie another, they will take over the top of Hockey East. Of course, we’re hoping for a sweep. See if you can tune in to any of the games!


*The Papi picture is from the Globe, the BU picture is my own.

Spring has sprung!

This is the day the Lord has made.

Today, pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training and
baseball season semi-officially begins.

Today marks the twilight of the dark, frigid days of winter
and the dawn of the sweet-smelling, sun-warmed, cheerful days to come.


Today ends the months of rumors and biting remarks
reminiscent of a catfight from The Hills.

Today, business begins.

Today, Arizona and Florida with fill with men all hoping for
the same thing: a champagne shower in October.

Today, that dream is a possibility for every one of those

This is the year.

Go Sox!