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If pitching wins championships . . .

then the Sox aren’t going back to back.

I can’t count the amount of times that I’ve said this season to assorted family/friends/strangers that the Sox bullpen sucks. Now, there’s a new problem fast developing. Clay Buchholz is at the lowest he has ever been in his barely 1-year of Major League pitching. Since coming off the DL and a promising trip to Pawtucket, Buchholz has gone 0-5 in six starts. He lasted a little over 3 innings today, but could easily have been taken out in the third inning when he gave up two 2-run home runs.

A couple weeks ago, heck a couple days ago, this would not have been such a big problem. Just bring Masterson back to the rotation for a few starts and bam! Problem solved. However, Tim Wakefield went on the DL today and Masterson is one of the closest things the Sox have to reliable in their bullpen besides Pap. The Sox do have Bartolo “I-eat-hamburgers-by-the-ton” Colon in Pawtucket, but he’s rehabbing right now and pitched only 3 innings in his last start. With one spot in the rotation that needs to be filled for at least two starts and no help for the bullpen arriving at the trading deadline, the Red Sox can’t afford to figure out a solution to Buchholz’s issues.

There is some talk of bringing knuckleballer Charlie Zink up, but his pitching coaches have reported that he still lacks confidence in his knuckleball, a hole that could be catastrophic in the big leagues.

It seems quite hopeless, but I came up with an excuse to cover these issues. It’s as simple as calling these troubles “Manny being Manny.”

That’s right. If Manny hadn’t refused to play until the Red Sox traded him, the team could have used their time and prospects more wisely at the trade deadline. Instead of selling their souls to get rid of the slugger, the Sox might have been able to pick up on some pitching, whatever pitching, they could find. Then, when these “freak” accidents happen with the pitching staff, they would have had a better selection of patches to choose from. Damn Manny.

In other news, both of my parents now have iPod touches. I only have a lowly, regular iPod. At the risk of sounding selfish and spoiled, what 18-year old has worse technology than her over-the-hill parents?!

Trade Deadline

So I have been glued to my computer and ESPN/NESN all day long and just now am hearing and pretty certain that Manny Ramirez has been traded to the LA Dodgers for Jason Bay and others.

Please allow a moment of tears.

Now that I am trying to get over my emotional attachment to Manny Ramirez, it’s time to analyze.

Do I think the Red Sox have gotten a better player? No. It’s pretty hard to match Manny’s ability on the field. What I do think is the Sox have gotten a player who can help the team more than Manny can. I can’t imagine what it must feel like as a teammate to deal with someone saying, “the Red Sox don’t deserve me,” or “I can’t play today” constantly for a month. Yeah, he can’t be replaced at the plate, but at the same time all the intangibles he brings to the game are less than desirable. At times, I’ve felt that Manny has been able to leave his issues off the field, however, at other times I think he has affected the team negatively (re: August/September 2006, the past few weeks)

Now it is coming through via Nick Cafardo that Hansen, Moss go to Pittsburgh along with Andy LaRoche and Bryan Morris and the Dodgers would get Ramirez while the Sox get Jason Bay.

This seems like a lot to me, and although Hansen hasn’t been great, Moss has been fantastic. To trade three players to two teams and only get one in return? I wouldn’t do it, but Theo has made some gutsy moves in the past. I would hope that the Sox are at least getting a pitching prospect . . . is there anyone else that thinks the Sox bullpen sucks as is right now?

Now reports are coming through that the Sox are also paying $7 million to also get rid of Manny. As much as Jason Bay will be great and I’m glad that Jason Bay won’t go to the Rays, the Sox basically are taking him like leftover laundry in order to get rid of Ramirez.

NESN is already showing graphics of Manny in Dodger blue and Bay in a Sox hat. I’ve done some research on Jason Bay and he seems pretty good . . . 140 home runs, 454 RBIs, had an off year last year but seems to be rebounding this year. We’ll see come Friday I guess.

Welcome to the Bay State, Jason Bay!